How can I get involved?

This Plan will be based entirely on two sources: extensive data collection/analyses, and the vision/opinion of the Troup community. It will fail if either the data or public opinion is incomplete. The participation of community members is critical so the document can represent Troup's values and future vision.

Most of the involvement opportunities will be announced at a later date, but keep an eye out for a short opinion survey in the mail. If you want to give more feedback, contact the consultant and request inclusion on the mailing list for announcements and additional surveys.

Public meetings, workshops, and other events will be announced on this website. The project Twitter feed (@troupplan) will publish this information too, along with various City social media accounts. The Tri-County Leader will write stories on the process as it moves forward as well.

Once the Steering Committee is set, their names will be published here. You will probably know at least a few of those volunteers from church, school, work, or other groups, so strike up a conversation with them about the project. For that matter, stop and chat with Christopher (the consultant) if you see him in town collecting data.