What is a Downtown Master Plan?

The Downtown Master Plan is a document that will help citizen groups, business/land owners, and government officials revitalize and grow Downtown Troup over the next several decades. Some of the major topics will be:

Existing Parking Conditions

Existing Traffic Volume and Circulation Patterns

Current Land Use

Current Economic Conditions

The Community's Vision for Downtown

Future Parking and Traffic Recommendations

Proposed Building and Zoning Ordinance Framework

Design Concepts for Future Downtown Buildings

Design Concepts for Future Downtown Streets

In short, the Plan will explain what is happening in Downtown today (parking, traffic, businesses, etc.). It will then discuss what residents and business owners want to see for Downtown's future. Finally, it will make recommendations for steps various groups and organizations can take to make that vision a reality.

The Master Plan is NOT new law. The City could choose to rewrite some of its ordinances based on its recommendations. Downtown businesses could also decide to alter their strategies. This Plan is only a guide though, with no authority of its own. It will simply coordinate and inspire the various entities who can turn visions and dreams into action.