Who is writing the Plan?

The Troup Community Development Corporation is taking the lead in this project. The members of that organization will give the final review of the document, and decide if it should be adopted. The group has established a Steering Committee to help guide the consultant's work and seek public comments.

The document's author is a planning consultant named Christopher Butler. He went to Whitehouse schools from Kindergarten through high school graduation, and has family members still living just outside Troup. You have probably already noticed him driving around Downtown with cameras on the car doing parking and traffic data collection.

Finally, the citizens of Troup will play a large role. Opportunities for participation will be announced as the project gets underway. These will include public workshops, opinion surveys, focus groups, online/email/texting interactions, and service on the Steering Committee. Citizen and business owners can have a MAJOR influence on this document if they simply choose to voice an opinion.