The Troup Community Development Corporation and Butler Planning Services are writing a Downtown Master Plan. As the process moves forward, this website will include drafts, surveys, and announcements.

What is a Downtown Master Plan? |  Who is writing the Plan? |  How can I get involved?

Poster Plan Early Drafts:

Part of the project will be large "poster plans." Eventually, four or five different posters will be made covering various topics of the Master Plan.

Two of them are ready as drafts. The Parking Study is 95% complete. The Traffic Study (also covering trains) will still go through major changes.

A third poster will cover existing land use, streets, and utilities. The rest of the posters will be recommendations for future land use, parking, and streets.

As always, please submit comments and suggestions to the planning consultant at, or with the other contact options found on this site.

The finished posters will be 22"x17", reducible to 8.5"x11". Digital copies optimized for ipads and other tablets and print orders will be posted to the City's website.

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